The Tree of Life
This tree is amazing!   It is an exquisite and enormous sculpture with 325 images of endangered and extinct species depicted in the trunk, roots and branches.   Paths will take you all around the tree for a closer look and though it is visible from many places in the park, from a distance, it looks like a normal tree.

Originally there were 324 images on the tree.   Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute was invited by Disney to visit their Animal Kingdom and, during her visit she was very impressed but noted one objection - that there were no chimpanzees on the tree.   Imagineers went to work and not only added a chimp, they added Goodall's favorite, David Graybeard.   They invited Goodall for another visit to Animal Kingdom and, as she walked to the entrance of It's Tough to be a Bug", there was handsome old David Graybeard.   Goodall was pleased.

The number of images is overwhelming, just look at this list.   Most them appear to be endangered species, not yet extinct.   If you check the site, endangered species, you will see their list is enormous.   Plus, on every page in Pansoph's tribute to Disney's Tree of Life, there is a new link to learn more about animals at risk today.

Please note that these photo files vary greatly in size, some are reasonably small and some are rather large.   Please be patient, they are worth it.

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First view of the Tree of Life A sign you are about to get up close and personal with the Tree of Life

Colorful Cast Member

Reclining Camel Rhinocerous The endangered king of the jungle

Lion Closeup Giraffe Eagle

Rhino Great closeup wide shot of Tree Crane

An owl spotted Turtle Bird in the Wood

Antelope Beaver Another long distance view of the tree

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