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"Pansoph's philosophy":   Be happy, be good , learn neat stuff, and no whining.   Here is me and mine. Embedded in the text of this page are links to a variety of neatplaces.   If you don't want to play this way, there is a revealing list at the bottom of this page.

Pansophilosophy is a bulletin board much like the one in my kitchen, you will find almost anything on it and it changes randomly.

Photography will appear here because I have been taking photographs for as long as I have been painting.   Sketches,humor, and editorials are also part of the plan so recheck the page and the new links to come.

Mary/Pansoph with lion cub

This is my husband, Jon. He hasn't appeared in Forbes yet but, with over a hundred patents and disclosures, he should.   On his page, you will not only find a list of his patents but also his interest in gemcutting, and you can meet our lawyer .

Pansoph with Willie Nelson

Big fans of Disney, when we went to Walt Disney World in October, 95, we kidnaped a jack-in-the- box character from donAndres Designers, the studio I work for and photographed it in different places.   Check Deb Wills' Disney Digest, a great Disney page, among other things, and look for our Trip Report for the behind-the-scenes , Keys to the Kingdom tour .

I have used Pansophist on my letterheads for years.   It can mean 'know everything' or in loose interpretation, 'curious about just about everything'.   Pansophism was also once a religion that worshipped everything that lives.   Being a great lover of animals and nature, the name suited me perfectly.

Forbes, the cover Jon deserves

Having traveled a bit, learned some, met a few interesting people, like my friend here, and heard of a few even more interesting people and things, a lot more will be happening here.   Search here often, see new things and have a few laughs.

Happy Jon in Japan


In the order in which they appear in the text above

  • <Pansoph   Back to my home page.

  • philosophy   Comic Relief for the pathologically philosophical.

  • happy   Center for the Easily Amused.

  • good   is the great Cheap But Nice Awards.

  • learn neat stuff   is Encyclopedia Britannica.   It is wonderful!

  • no whining   takes you to Whiners of America.

  • variety,   a handy site, I must say, Roget's Thesaurus is no nonsense - search and get the words you need.

  • neat.   This is Martha Stewart Disease.

  • places   is Roadside America's homepage. You must see this!

  • cursor   Tucows was my salvation when I was looking for a lefthanded cursor.

  • left   destines you to The Left Hand, the place for all the lefthanded products I'll ever need.

  • bulletin board   Tacky.

  • kitchen   is Ed's Kitchen, entitled "Cooking With Ed". I particularly like his "crown of franks."

  • changes randomly   is U Roulette. Spin the wheel and find yourself somewhere unique.

  • painting   is a gallery of my art.

  • humor   is United Media Comic strips.

  • editorials   The Washington Times.

  • Pansophist   takes you back to my home page.

  • mean   is a big list of many different kinds of dictionaries.

  • curious   is a site with the story of Alice in Wonderland

  • Pansophism   gives a thought provoking definition of Pansophism and the reasoning behind Pansophilosophy.

  • animals   takes you to The San Diego Zoo has lots to explore.

  • Jon,   my husband is into gem cutting as a hobby, and what a hobby!

  • Forbes   is actually Forbes Magazine.

  • lawyer   is our friend's, Deeb's page, and she is a lawyer.

  • traveled   is Magellan's Internet Guide.

  • learned   is The Drudge Report, a comprehensive list of news sources and columnists.

  • friend   sends you to Willie Nelson's home page.

  • interesting   people. Click that and find a list of home pages of MENSA members.

  • Search   is MetaCrawler, an excellent search engine. Also check out MetaSpy there.

  • laughs   is the official and brilliant Monty Python site.

  • Disney   is my enormous Walt Disney World site, an award winner with hundreds of photos and fun stuff.

  • donAndres   is the place I work most often as an artist and computer guru.

  • Deb Wills' Disney Digest,   now Walt Disney World Information Guide with lots of planning information.

  • behind-the-scenes   tours available at Walt Disney World.

  • Keys to the Kingdom tour   is my report on the behind the scenes tour of the Magic Kingdom.
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