Le coeur de la Mer at Southampton

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The Experience

Valentine's Day, 1998.   Jon and I were Blue Topaz planning to see the movie, Titanic.   The mail came and, with it, a package of gemstone rough that he needed for someone who had asked him to make a couple of rings.   The supplier had also included some facet grade rough that he thought Jon would like to assess and keep or return, depending on how he liked it.   Jon has faceted stones and made settings for many years.

We put the box of stones on the kitchen counter and left for the movie.   Wondering if we could sit through three hours, we waited outside the Blue Topaz theatre while a previous showing was getting out and talked to a couple who had just seen it.   He liked it, she didn't.   Time for us to go in.   Got great seats and were glued to them for the entire movie.   I don't need to tell millions of people how good it is.   Jon, being interested in jewelry since a child, was fascinated by the many necklaces that Rose wore but, when he saw Le Coeur de la Mer, it was a complete distraction.

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