Closeup of Le coeur de la Mer replica

With the photos, resources and help we got, Jon set about to cut the blue stone.   It was charmed, it didn't take nearly as long as he'd estimated.   He then made the setting for the blue topaz and bought Cubic Zirconias (CZs) for the diamonds.   The chain is actually made of bracelet links.   The big blue stone finished up at 55.4 carats, .6 of a carat smaller than what they say the one in the movie is.   If you look closely, you'll see that, not only is there a heart shaped diamond at the top of the blue topaz, every other stone on the chain is oval and round.

See for yourself, all the photos here on Mary Rolfe's Le Coeur de la Mer pages are the necklace made by Jon Rolfe.

A couple weeks after my necklace was finished we had a little vacation in Washington D.C. and saw the Hope Diamond at Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History and realized Le Coeur de la Mer is set just like the Hope.

So, Le Coeur de la Mer really does possess a charm.   A Valentine's date to see the movie, Titanic, and return home to find that you are the one who has the blue stone.


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