The Squash That Took Over The Lilac

I guess you would have to say it was a good year for squash. This is allegedly a Lacota squash. Alan and Karen, two longtime friends of ours, grew this last year and gave us some, which was delicious. So, Jon decided to save the seeds for our garden this year. We know nothing of Lacota squash, don't even know if we're spelling it right. One thing we're all pretty sure of - it wasn't orange last year...hmmm. Wasn't this big, either, the fruit OR the vine. That lilac is over twelve feet tall..

Jon is looking at the squash on the lilac (78k), amazed at how it can handle all that extra weight. It is wilting and leaning, but the lilac appears to be okay.

This(78k) is a delicious squash. We will be selling seed for this marvel of nature in the near future. Look for special offers late this Fall.

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This is a view of the garden from the deck (99k) (the back of our split level house). It's the middle of September, the end of the gardening season here. Note how the plant has not only consumed the lilac, it is also invading the pool.

Later, when the sun came out for a while, Jon snapped this view inside the vertical vine(67k). The closeup is below.

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