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Portraits of your unconditional friend

Merle and Harmony

Those of us who have experienced the unconditional love of a devoted pet know that we have been very fortunate.   I paint a number of subjects and whimsical or otherwise, when it comes to painting portraits of animals, they are treated with the respect and decorum they have earned.
Merle and Harmony.  

       On the right is Matilda.

I have been drawing for a lifetime and painting for more than twenty years. Since putting some of my paintings in an online art gallery, a whole new way of making paintings for others has emerged.
Since painting these loving pals, buddies, loved ones and clowns through email and have gotten to know each pet even if it is just through their photographs and their owners' descriptions and stories.



Merle and Harmony raised a nice little family.   Matilda survived a puppy-hood malady to travel most of North America, making many friends, and stealing the show at Niagara Falls.   Pepper (Salvadore Doggy) always wanted to be a good boy, but a wanderlust that kept him in hot water.   Barky was a connoisseur of corn on the cob and pizza.

Barky That's Barky

If you have ever considered preserving your friend on canvas, you have come to the right place.   It is easy to find out what can be done, just send an email.  

Generally, a portrait of one pet is a 14" x 18" canvas. You can frame it or, if you prefer, I can have it done for you.   Framing adds an average of 4 to 6 inches all around.

Meet Tigger on the left
During the painting process you will receive photos of your work in progress, so you can actually see how it is done.   This way you can make changes, you will be confident you are getting what you want and, you have all the progress photos to keep.

Of course, you can have whatever size picture you want and any kind of pet (or other subject for that matter).   Just click on your email and write.   You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is.

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