If Tomorrowland is one of the first lands you want to visit, no doubt you've walked up Main Street toward the Castle and planned on heading right when you reach the hub, the circle of paths which lead off to the lands.

Heading toward Tomorrowland, you will find Timekeeper on your right.

No matter what your age, do not hesitate to go in.   Timekeeper is a terrific attraction.

Click on a picture below
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It will take you back to Tomorrowland.

Timekeeper Entrance The Timekeeper

9-Eye Chart

Journey to the past Jules Verne meets DaVinci

Take a trip to 1900
H.G. Wells See the future! Travel with friends
Jules Verne is head and shoulders beyond H.G. Wells

Jules Verne meets 9-Eye Wells jets into the future

Back to Tomorrowland

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