Epcot's The Land at Future World

The Land is a fabulous pavilion sponsored by Nestlé.   For one thing, It is huge and the best part about that is that it has a lot to offer.

There are four excellent attractions inside.   Living With The Land is a boat ride through a number of settings showing how, through history, people learned to live with the land.   Some nice vignettes and animatronics are featured in this first part of the ride.   Following that, you ride through greenhouses where Disney Company, with NASA and the USDA (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture), is conducting some very successful and unique experiments.   Mostly these experiments are with food crops, learning to grow in water, in plain sand, suspended in air, etc.   You will also see experiments in optimizing the growing of food fish.   If this ride through the greeenhouses makes you curious, sign up for the Behind the Seeds Tour, a walking tour (about one hour for $6) of the greenhouses for a more in-depth look into plant cloning and using insects to control plant pests.

Circle of Life is a film featuring your favorite Lion King characters in a fascinating look at environmental challenges and some creative ways to protect and improve our world.

Food Rocks.   Its title is a multi-level pun, for all you pun lovers. Ready for a rock concert? Well this attraction offers a hilarious look into nutrition by use of parodies of many classic rock 'n' roll songs you are sure to recognize.

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The Land, 1994 The Land, 1986

Monorail passing over Land sign Food Rocks Circle of Life

Photos of the The Land's Behind the Seeds Tour.

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