It's a Small World after all

This most charming boat ride through the countries of the world sets the mood for a visit to Walt Disney World.   Especially if you're a first time visitor, going straight to It's a Small World and having it be your first attraction, will give you the glow you'll appreciate for the rest of your stay in the parks.

It's a Small World opened as a UNICEF exhibit in the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair yet, like most Disney things, it is timeless.

A beautiful ride in its simplicity, there is one word of caution: the theme song, It's a Small World, will stick in your brain like you can't believe.   If you don't take precautions and immerse yourself in other music, you will be chanting it in your sleep. Hint: If you are still in the Magic Kingdom and really need to flush the song out of your mind, try Diamond Horseshoe Saloon.


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