SpectroMagic Parade

Fish swim through the Magic Kingdom!

This is a spectacular parade.   If you had only one hour at Walt Disney World, you would have to go for this.   Normally it's not shown during slow times of the year but for special occasions, like the 25th anniversary celebrations, it was shown every night.

Thanks to contributor, Mitch, for a description of the parade layout:   SpectroMagic is divided into 6 sections.   The opening with Mickey and the Spectrowizards, then the jazz section with Goofy and Chip and Dale, then Sleeping Beauty, then Little Mermaid, followed by Fantasia, and finally Disney Dreams the grand finale with memorable moments from many different classics.

During the Keys to the Kingdom Tour we took in '95 we saw how these floats are constructed and how they're operated.   The construction is remarkably simple, using common Christmas lights.   Operation is a different thing, with speed, spacing and timing controlled by computer.   You'd be surprised to see these floats in the daylight.

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Spectro banner Mickey Mickey

Mickey Three Little Pigs Snow White

Lightship? Landscape Mary Poppins

Heralds Fish Boat

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