Epcot's Universe of Energy at Future World

I miss some of the things they had to take out in order to make room for the new (1996) story line with Ellen Degeneris but it is worth the sacrifice.

Inside the Universe of Energy, the program starts while you are waiting in the foyer. Ellen appears on giant elevated screens and does a comedic intro from her apartment where we find out that she and Bill Nye the Science Guy are neighbors and friends.

After talking to Bill she falls asleep and dreams she's on Jeopardy with Alex Trebek and playing against Albert Einstein and an intimidating old nemesis. the game is very exciting but Ellen starts out poorly.

Through the magic of dreaming, Bill Nye the Science Guy enters to save the day for Ellen. Bill takes Ellen, and we follow along, to meet dinosaurs and learn about fossil and alternative fuels. It is so much fun I kept getting distracted from the history lesson. I had to go through it several times, much like many of the attractions at Walt Disney World.

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1996 front of Universe of Energy 1994 Universe of Energy March, 1986

Jon, Me and Deb, 1986 Green dinosaurs

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