October 1, 1983 - January 9, 1999

This site preserves Horizons with 42 photographs of the attraction based on living in the future.

The Horizons pavilion at Epcot closed January 9, 1999.   Some say it was closed because Horizon's is outdated, that its view of the future was now reality.   I can't agree with that.   Do you know any families who are living in outer space, under the sea, or in cities that float in air?

Horizons had it all, from artful and humorous portrayals of our ancestors' dreams of the future to futuristic concepts, and loads of special effects .   Here you could explore heading into the future in a very entertaining way.   This attraction probed the possibility of our being able to live in three different environments that are currently hostile:   space, the ocean, and the desert.   Actually four environments when you count the first 21st century location, the new city.   Horizons was probably the most appropriate attraction for Future World, giving us one of the most intelligent peeks into living in the centuries to come.

I want to thank my good friend and Horizons' fan for a tremendous amount of work, and without whose help, I wouldn't have been able to do this.

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Horizons Building Main Horizons sign Small Horizons sign in front of entrance

First Kaleidoscope Second Kaleidoscope Third Kaleidoscope

Historic visions of the future Jules Verne Man in the Moon

Looking Back at Tomorrow Robida's Paris of the 20th Century 1930s Robot for the home

Auto Haircut Electric Domestic Neon Future

Future of the 50s 50s Future Shuttle Launch

Space diagram Crystal 21st Century Man

21st Century girl 21st Century Woman 21st Century Vegetables

Future Farmers Future Farmer Future Harvesters

Making the cake Grandaughter Boy Mechanic

Boy Mechanic Dive Class Sea Food

Swimmers Octopus Reap Kelp

On the Space Station Space Pod Space Station Living

Space Station Living Birthday Party Exiting the ride

This highly popular Walt Disney world attraction is no longer.   Horizons lacked a sponsor for several years and Disney Company seems to have been the only entity that thought Horizon's view of the future was too old so they replaced it with Chevys.

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