Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is located in Animal Kingdom's Africa.   When you enter the village of Harambe, you find a bustling little place with crowded buildings and many travelers and street vendors.   If you can get the idea out of your head that you are in Walt Disney World, you truly feel that you are indeed on another continent.

Walking all the way through the village, you will find Kilimanjaro Safaris at the back.   The best safari experience I have had was in the pouring rain.   Animals were more in evidence as the cooling rains brought them out.   Believe it or not, Florida's combination of heat and humidity has been difficult for these African animals and, to see the most animals, it is generally best to ride the safari first thing in the morning or as close to closing time (7 p.m.) as possible.

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First view of the Truck from the waiting line Truck arrives to pick you up

Sign inside truck

A sign you are going to see some wild animals Handy reference tool What's a little rain when you love water

Crocs in the rain Giraffes in the mist Tall guys huddle

Treed Giraffes Zebras Zebra and friends

So, what's Gnu? Ostrich panorama drenched Ostrich

Marooned Baboons Baboon Condo Elephant forgetting where to go when it rains

Elephants disagreeing on navigation He's in the water but running from the rain.  Go figure. Poachers are toast

Safari Truck Baobob Tree Oryx

Oryx Gazelle Kilimanjaro Safaris logo

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