Enter the park, go through the Oasis, take a right at the Tree of Life, take another right after Disney Outfitters, and you're on your way into DinoLand.

Make no bones about it, DinoLand has something for everyone.   It is a cross between a well established paleontological dig and fossil park.   With buildings that look like cabins, and tents here and there, it has the atmosphere of a working project.   You may feel like you're actually at an archaeological excavation, but don't be surprised when dinosaurs come to life!

Countdown to Extinction is the best known attraction here, but Pansophists found the tent with dinosaur artifacts and huge display of casts of real prehistoric animals and dinosaurs to be very interesting (as are the knowledgeable cast members who work there).   At the Fossil Preparation Lab, it was fascinating to watch technicians cleaning and readying Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found, for display.

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Brachiosaurus Bridge Oldengate Bridge

Playground for Prehistoric People

Chester & Hester's Dinosaur Emporium Approaching Countdown to Extinction Countdown to Extinction


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