Main Street in the Magic Kingdom

After you've arrived at the Magic Kingdom and the sight of the Train Station has put that wonderful grin on your face, you enter Town Square and head up Main Street.

Main Street is right out of Walt and Roy Disney's childhood, a turn of the century and Victorian style hometown thoroughfare.   Yet, most of us rush through Main Street in our hurry to get to the attractions.   Here on these pages, you can pause and take a good look at the shops and the fine architectural detail, reminding us of the extreme detail Disney employs in all of Disney World.

Note, if you are planning to shop, the stores are most crowded when people are leaving the park.   Shop early and store your purchases in the lockers under the railroad station or, if staying on property, just ask the clerk to have your packages sent to your room.

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Main Street, U.S.A., at Christmas Emporium on the Square Uptown Jewelers

Disney Clothiers Alley Disney & Company

Athletic Club Roy E. Disney Window The Chapeau

Market House Dapper Dans Crystal Palace

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