Liberty Square in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Just like any other Walt Disney World land, Liberty Square is unique.   There are no thrill rides and no kiddie rides.   The smallest land in the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square has only three main attractions, Most notably the Haunted Mansion.

You can enter Liberty Square from Fantasy Land at the end point of the Skyway to Tomorrow Land.   That's one of my favorite ways to enter Liberty Square because you down hill into a cozy place.

Entering from Frontier Land, segue is so subtle, you are not sure when you've left one land and entered another.   As a matter of fact, the Liberty Square Riverboat, travels around Tom Sawyer's Island which is part of Frontier Land, so the two lands sort of blend together.  

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Riverboat coming 'round the bend Riverboat with original Castle All Aboard!

Haunted Mansion from the River Dare you enter the Haunted Mansion? There is always room for one more ghost

Liberty Bell      

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