The Gate
The Gate

I was minding my own business driving through downtown Easton one day and an image of a Celtic window hit me out of the blue. Some of my ideas come to me this way, so not being able to shake the image, I began a search of windows that looked like the one in my mind. Much to my dismay, of all the churches in the area, none had a window like this. Next I went through photos of trips, no luck. Finally I checked out some booklets I'd bought in England and there it was, it was one of the Windows in Arundel Castle in the village of Arun where we'd bought our Roman coins.

The paintings I do which are based solely on my imagination are hard to describe. Mostly I want the viewer to have his or her own personal experience with it. But, because these are so hard to truly see online, I'll give it a go:

I see "The Gate" as cosmic and spiritual. Do you pass through the gate or not? Do you have the option to go through or have you already been there before? Some people have wonderful spiritual experiences when they view "The Gate" and some become frightened. Which are you?

"The Gate" is all detail. I have included details of two small sections of the painting. Just below your left side of "The Gate" and a vertical section of the right side of the painting. These details are scans of a photo with different exposure than the main painting's photo - getting proper color, that's another issue all together.

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