Corfe Castle in Dorset, England, has a varied history.   I haven't found out when it was built, but in 975 A.D., Elfthryth and her son, Ethelred, had her stepson, King Edward, assassinated near here.

In 1106, because it was such a formidable castle, it was a state prison.

And at least by 1212, treasure, regalia and political prisoners were kept here due to Corfe's being one of the most impregnable castles in the Kingdom.

Indeed, Corfe was under siege for three years as the only royalist garrison in the county until it fell in 1646 and was ordered destroyed completely.   Bearing witness to its incredible strength, after several months, its dismantlement was abandoned.

So "Continuum" is another painting in a series representing tenacity in the Cosmos.

The detail is of the lower middle just above the roof.

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